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DANIEL’S SOLAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN is a delivery of grid connected solar photo-voltaic systems (including rooftop, carport and ground mounted arrays) on time and on budget. We manage proposals and the bid/award process for obtaining these services, and will provide project management and design consultation for all projects. Design to include; scope of work, complete bill of materials, specifications, bid drawings and project schedule.

DANIEL’S SOLAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN – will produce per-conceptual designs with accompanying production estimates and review structural, geotechnical, environmental, permitting, and zoning challenges for projects. We will review solar system engineering designs, modeling, and performance data, and provide engineering support during the construction process. Manage outside consultants to obtain assessments of project structural or geotechnical considerations, interconnect issues, and to identify the required approvals from Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). Review the costs of structural estimates, interconnection, permitting agreements, production estimates, and assessment of commercial risk factors. Oversee the development of structural and electrical designs for net-metered roof, ground and parking canopy solar electric systems that meet all national, state and local code requirements as well as customer defined requirements.

DANIEL’S SOLAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN will provide final bids, proposals, and RFIs, and provide support during construction and commissioning. Maintain design and proposal requirements, knowledge of codes and standards, design procedures, methods and process, improve efficiency of project development and project selection process.

Solar engineers plan, design, and implement solar energy projects. We manage anything from largescale municipal projects to home rooftop installations. The engineer typically begins with a client consultation, site assessment, and financial assessment, which help him or her understand the project’s context. The engineer then designs an appropriate plan that takes all relevant factors into account. He or she may also oversee or manage implementation of the plan. Solar engineers may also need to report on the efficiency, cost, and safety of the project. The engineer may also be on call to deal with outages, emergencies, and system maintenance. Solar engineers may also conduct financial reviews, ensure regulatory compliance, inspect installation sites, and write technical reports. Computer skills are essential for creating designs and testing photo-voltaic systems.

Daniel's Solar Engineering and Design
Daniel's Solar Engineering And Design.

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Daniel's Solar Engineering And Design